Arbor Care: As the price of gas continues to go up, it is important for M(C)N Arbor Care Service to organize their work to minimize the number of miles traveled. GIS helps by providing maps showing where work requests are, giving a picture of how they are distributed geographically. Arbor Care can then organize their work to decrease miles traveled and increase efficiency.


Community Development: The GIS team worked with Community Research and Development to map the boundaries of the Chartered Communities that reside within Creek Nation. We continue to work with Community R & D to define those boundaries and to produce a map document for the benefit of the communities members and all citizens.


Cultural Preservation: The GIS team is working to document the Cultural resources of the Tribe, including historical Indian Churches and cemeteries. Cultural resources are considered sensitive information and therefore some of the locations of these resources may not be mapped. However, a current and complete database of the Tribe's resources will help protect and preserve those resources for future generations. The Geospatial Department is also working on mapping the original allotments given to Muscogee (Creek) Nation citizens through the Dawes Act of 1887.


Emergency Management: The GIS team currently serves on the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) and is trained to assist the Muscogee (Creek) Nation and its citizens in the event of an emergency. The GIS Department also deploys Global Positioning Systems (GPS) Units to document the Nation's response to emergencies, which is necessary in order to recover funding from Federally-declared Disasters. We are also working with Emergency Management staff to map utilities data, community shelter data, and other crucial information throughout the Nation to better assist in power outages, ice storms and other disasters.


Environmental: The Muscogee (Creek) Nation Exchange Network Project is a collaboration between MCN Geospatial Department, MIS (Computer Services), and Office of Environmental Services and funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  MCN's Exchange Network objectives include: improve data quality, increase timeliness and accuracy, support stronger environmental decisions, and reduce burden and costs associated with assessing and reporting data.


Housing Authority: The GIS team aims to work with the Housing Authority to inventory and map the Housing Authority holdings and property throughout the 11-county jurisdiction.


Risk Management: The GIS team has documented all Creek Nation facilities and important data about those facilities. This data may be used in insurance filings or in the event of a disaster. Also, other detailed information about these facilities are collected including items such as the locations of fire extinguishers, which assist in routine inspections of these safety devices and ensure these items will operate correctly.

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