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The Muscogee (Creek) Nation Brownfields Program is dedicated to  identifying, assessing, addressing/remediating these sites to improve the quality of life for tribal citizens and the health of the environment by removing these eyesores from the cultural landscape. Any Brownfields sites which have utilized Federal funding are required to maintain a public record. Currently no sites have been addressed or assessed using Federal funding. The list of sites below are MCN potential brownfields sites.




With certain legal exclusions and additions, the term "brownfield site" means real property, the expansion, redevelopment, or reuse of which may be complicated by the presence or potential presence of a hazardous substance, pollutant, or contaminant.

Cleaning up and reinvesting in these properties protects the environment, reduces blight, and takes development pressures off greenspaces and working lands.


Definition Source

The Brownfields Site definition is found in Public Law 107-118 (H.R. 2869) - "Small Business Liability Relief and Brownfields Revitalization Act" signed into law January 11, 2002




*Public Law 107-118 (H.R. 2869): "Small Business Liability Relief and Brownfields Revitalization Act" – “The 2002 Small Business Liability Relief and Brownfields Revitalization Act (the "Brownfields Law") codified many of the United States' Environmental Protection Agency or EPA practices, policies and guidance. The Brownfields Law expanded EPA's assistance by providing new tools for the public and private sectors to promote sustainable Brownfields cleanup and reuse.”




 For more information click on EPA Brownfields Overview Brochure or EPA Brownfields 

(These links will take you to the Environmental Protection Agency website)




We are always looking for input and feedback from tribal members, stakeholders and the community. Do you know of some Brownfields in your community? Would you like more information regarding the MCN Brownfields Program? Contact the MCN Geospatial Department. Plan to attend one of the future MCN Brownfields events.


There will be a Brownfields Small Technical Assistance online workshop in 2021




Muscogee (Creek) Nation Brownfields Record (November 2020)
Site Name Record Number Common Site Name Site Status Site Type Site Size Site Coordinates - Latitude Site Cooridnates - Longitude Tax Status Previous Site Use
CC-1 House on Rt. 66 Inactive Vacant 3.59 acres 35.988781 -96.184458 Trust Rural Residence
CC-2 Peninsula Property Inactive Vacant 120 acres 36.144142 -96.415643 Trust Vacant Ag land.
CC-3 Kellyville Community Center Excess Land Inactive Vacant 5.08 acres 35.961458 -96.204118 Trust Vacant excess land
HC-1 Old Yeager Building Inactive Building Structure 6.5 acres 35.157548 -96.335336 Trust, Fee Past use was as a school.
HC-2 Wetumka Excess Land Inactive Vacant 11 acres 35.231154 -96.6233951 Trust Excess vacant land part of the MCN Wetumka Complex.
HC-3 Dustin Ranch North 120 Inactive Vacant 120 acres 35.241678 -96.057965 Trust Vacant Ag land
HC-4 Sand Creek #1 Inactive Vacant 160 acres 35.264521 -96.136528 Trust Vacant Ag land with some oil and gas production.
HC-5 Sand Creek #2 Inactive Vacant 160 acres 35.254281 -96.144463 Trust Vacant Ag land with some oil and gas production.
HC-6 Dustin Ranch Inactive Building Structure 564.0 acres 35.196055 -96.053626 Trust Active agricultural property. Split by a county road, multiple buildings and structures. Some scheduled for demolition.
MC-10 South Mac Inactive Vacant 310 acres 35.199517 -95.753187 Trust South Mac - Agricultural
MC-11 Triangle Property Inactive Vacant 41 acres 35.244827 -95.740504 Trust Triangle Property - Agricultural
MC-12 40 Acre Property Inactive Vacant 40 acres 35.22449 -95.739147 Trust 40 Acre Property - Agricultural
MC-13 80 Acre Landlocked Hanna Inactive Vacant 80 Acres 35.212725 -95.878535 Trust Idle Agricultural
MC-14 80 Acre Slough Inactive Vacant 80 Acres 35.203 -95.815 Trust Agricultural, Wildlife
MC-15 Hanna Farm-1 Inactive Vacant 412 Acres 35.202665 -95.842722 Trust Agricultural
MC-16 Hanna Farm-2 Inactive Vacant 295 Acres 35.202639 -95.828997 Trust Agricultural
MC-3 Checotah House Inactive Building Structure 3.5 acres 35.363368 -95.543941 Trust Past use of property was a single family residence.
MC-5 Old Eufaula Dorms Inactive Vacant 0.47 acres 35.283148 -95.591794 Trust Old Eufaula Dormitories located on Eufaula Casino property.
MC-8 Checotah Industrial Inactive Industrial Site 0.65 acres 35.453264 -95.528623 Trust Metal building formerly used by a private business for manufacturing and storage.
MC-9 North Mac Inactive Vacant 581 acres 35.209333 -95.763631 Trust North Mac - Agricultural
MUS-4 BIA Eastern Regional - Excess Land Inactive Vacant 54.15 acres 35.711772 -95.398247 Trust Vacant , excess land.
MUS-5 Old Church Inactive Building Structure 0.23 acres 35.742972 -95.356916 Trust Old structure formerly used as a church.
OKM-10 Downtown Lot Inactive Vacant 1.3 acres 35.625367 -95.976949 Trust Vacant commercial lot
OKM-11 Twin Hills Excess Land Inactive Vacant 35.0 acres 35.738386 -95.857840 Trust Vacant Ag land
OKM-5 Polly Miller Inactive Mixed Use 80 acres 35.595370 -95.967986 Trust Former allotment land now owned by the tribe. Current and past oil and gas activity.
SEM-1 Old Cromwell Smoke Shop Inactive Vacant, UST 10.16 acres 35.388040 -96.458287 Trust Former gas station converted to community operated smoke shop.
TUL-2 Former Horse Ranch Inactive Inactive 17.47 acres 35.902519 -96.013528 Trust Previous site use was a rural residence and horse ranch.
TUL-3 TCIC Metal Building Inactive Building Structure 0.68 acres 36.039069 -96.010193 Trust Metal building used for storing items and equipment  for gaming facilities.
WAG-1 Koweta Clinic Excess Property Inactive Vacant 51.0 acres 35.951688 -95.621308 Trust & Fee Former agricultural land now excess land for Coweta clinic.



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